About me

I have always loved drawing and painting, and my strongest subject at school was art. I love colour and texture and strive to get both of these into my work. I mainly work in acrylics but love to add acrylic inks, newspaper and oil pastels especially in my abstract work.  My passion is to try to capture what I see around me, although this is often conveyed in quite an abstract way.  My space paintings however are a pure pleasure, an escape into a calm inner world.


When I paint I like to be alone with the colours and canvas, I try to recall what I see or what has caught my eye and try to draw from it or re-create it.  Some of my inspiration comes from the colours in the fields and crops during spring, summer and autumn or the patterns of nature. I like to take photographs, sometimes a beautiful landscape or just one small part of one colour against another,  I can then use the images as a point of reference when I get back into my studio. With my space paintings it comes from an inner mood, usually when I want to be quiet and calm.  I do like to reference books especially with all the wonderful photos the Hubble telescope offers, finding the challenge of reproducing what a beautiful sight they are.